Read What Our Customers Say About Us…

I love these fountains because I run a dairy operation and having clean, fresh water for my cattle at all times is crucial to productive cattle. We have enough things to worry about in the winter when it is cold and not having to worry about working on frozen fountains is very nice. 

Leland K.

I like my Everlast tanks because they keep the water fresh, you don’t get mold in the tank like we did with the concrete and plastic fountains and they fill very fast. We used to have to run stock tanks in the summer because the concrete and plastic tanks could not keep up with water demand. Since we put Everlast tanks in we no longer need to use stock tanks in the summer. They seem to hold heat extremely well in the winter and are very energy efficient. We have one in a holding pen that quite often has no cattle in it and we have never had trouble with it freezing up.

Jeremy K.

We run these fountains in a bedded confinement barn and the biggest thing for us is how clean and fresh the fountain stays. We also feed some Holsteins that will chew on the plastic waterers and they can not wreck these stainless tanks like they can plastic.

John T.

I am very impressed with my Everlast fountain, I love how everything is very easy to access, last year was my first winter with one and the first cold snap we had I was getting some ice build up, I opened the big service door and the thermostat was very easy to get to and user friendly to adjust. I turned it up a little bit and never had to touch it again all winter and we have a few weeks straight of sub 0 temps. These are the heaviest built tank i’ve ever seen and would not even think twice about buying another one.

Doug P.