Sometimes if there is debris in your water lines it can obstruct the bladder of the float from closing. Turn your water off and remove the float assembly. Make sure there are no obstructions in your water line. Take the smaller screen strainer on the back of you float and remove it. Make sure it is cleared and doesn’t not obstruct water flow. One other reason could be lack of water pressure. Our float assembly requires a minimum of 5 pounds of water pressure to operate correctly.

You will want a riser for your water lines and electrical to go in. We suggest a 6in. riser or larger to allow ground heat to escape upwards. Pour a pad bigger than the fountain you intend to place on the pad and make sure the riser will fit completely under the fountain.

You will do the same as covered in (How to set up my concrete pad?) You will just want to add a 2in. tile or larger under where the overflow drain is located.

When worried about freezing water line you can install a frost pro on any of our valves. This will create enough water flow to stop your water lines from freezing. To prevent your tank from overfilling and creating an ice skating rink we use our overflow drain to divert the water to your choosing. If over a pit you can place a piece of tile under the fountain to drain directly in the pit or if in a cattle yard you can trench the tile in away from the fountain.